If you live in metropolitan New South Wales, then you should have a fairly good idea of what the climate is like. The summer can get incredibly hot, dry and often be responsible for periods of drought which devastate farmland and vegetation across the state.

Because of the realities of the climate, more and more homes and businesses are opting to install artificial turf in Sydney rather than incur the cost of maintain real grass. There are also plenty of other great benefits to installing artificial turf in Sydney that anyone who wants to save on time, effort and money will greatly appreciate.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the awesome benefits of installing artificial turf in Sydney homes and businesses.


No more time, effort or money spent on maintaining the lawn

How many times have you groaned at the fact you need to mow the lawn? How many times in your childhood was Saturday morning ruined by you parents asking you to do all their yard-work for them?

Nobody really enjoys mowing the lawn but it’s an activity many people endure simply because they value having ‘the real thing’. If you, like many, don’t care about the authenticity of the lawn and just want something that looks nice, then installing artificial turf in Sydney is a logical choice.

The biggest and best benefit of installing fake grass is that it requires basically no maintenance or upkeep other than giving it a quick sweep now and then. The fake grass is always going to remain the same length and retain the same great appearance all-year-round regardless of other factors.

You won’t have to worry about uneven patches or weeds because the entire surface is designed to look as real as possible without needing all of the annoying and time consuming upkeep. Even if you have the patience to mow the lawn, that’s time that could be better spend doing other things around the home that you can’t replace with a faux alternative.

Also, if you have kids and want to spare them the ordeal of mowing the lawn then installing artificial turf in Sydney is a big favour you can do for them. It will also mean that your kids will likely spend more time playing outside as the lawn will always be ready for them no matter what.

Obviously, mowing the lawn also has a cost in terms of the fuel you put into your lawnmower and the cost of the lawnmower and its upkeep. With a fake lawn you save money otherwise spent buying, maintaining and fuelling a lawnmower and other landscaping equipment like whipper-snippers.


Reduces your carbon footprint

Another great benefit of installing artificial turf in Sydney homes and businesses is that it reduces the carbon footprint of the premises in a significant way. This is because landscaping equipment like lawnmowers and whipper snippers won’t need to be used nearly as often or at all, meaning that the emissions generated by running these devices are heavily reduced.

A fake lawn means one less thing in your home or business that requires a consumption of energy to maintain. Short of using water to quickly hose down the fake lawn, there is really isn’t any negative environmental impact that it will cause.


Saves the precious resource of water

Installing artificial turf in Sydney is great because the local climate means that in order to maintain a good looking natural lawn a great deal of water needs to be used. Because of the low rainfall in New South Wales, especially during summer, people with real lawns need to use up a lot of water from their taps in order to keep their grass healthy.

Without watering the grass it can become spotted with dead or dying patches that begin to turn yellow and brown. This is obviously much uglier than simply having a fake lawn to begin with.

With a fake lawn you won’t need to worry about making sure that it’s healthy or that it’s growing because it isn’t a living plant like grass is. All of this water saving is great for the environment, especially in periods of drought where water restrictions would prevent you from adequately maintaining a real lawn.


Impress your neighbours all-year-round

Installing artificial turf in Sydney also means that you’ll have beautiful lawn that will be the envy of your neighbour’s all-year-round. While they might initially snuff you for going to fake route, when they’re stuck in the scorching heat mowing their ‘superior’ lawn they’ll wish they had done the same.

As a bonus, this will also be noticed by new homebuyers if you ever decide to sell. Modern families care more about convenience and low-cost living than whether or not their lawn is real, so they’ll really be attracted to all of the great benefits of artificial turf in Sydney.