football player holding the ball with the coach at his back

You do not need to be trained physically for you to understand how the Australian football is played. You can read on the rules and get to understand every aspect of the game so that by the time you will be in the field, you will be pretty sure of what to do. This game is quite easy to learn. To begin with, the field of the game is oval just like the ball itself. It is clearly marked by the white paints. The reason for the paint is to clearly draw the boundaries of the field so as to create the right playing area.

The moment the player closes such demarcations, and then he or she is not supposed to continue with the play. The official will therefore give the ball to the opponents so as to throw it into the field for the game to continue. It is therefore important that each player guards the ball and make sure that it doesn’t get out of the field while it is still under their possession. The coaches are the technical knowledge behind every game. There are a number of tactics the coach can employ so as to make sure that the opponents are not getting easy time. You can read the following aspects of this game for you to be in a better position of understanding everything about it;

  • The field
  • Players
  • Time of play

The field

This is the playing ground that the players use to play. Unlike other fields, the Australian football field is supposed to be oval in shape. Important demarcations are supposed to be drawn using the conspicuous white paint. This is to make sure that the boundaries of the field are clearly marked and they are visible to every player of this game. The moment a player causes the ball to get out, then the official will definitely award the opponents with the chance to possess the ball once more. This can therefore disadvantage the offending team. The field has goal posts that are either of the end sides of the field. The goal posts stand six point four meters apart and six meters high.


The Australian football team should comprise of eighteen players. The players are also subdivided into three sections. Each section should have six players. The first section is comprised of the defenders, the second one is comprised of the midfielder and the last section should have the strikers. Each section understands fully on what to do the moment the player is in their possession or when the opponent is close to them. At the end of the day, there must be coordination for the tea to win.

Time of play

Each game that is played in the world today is governed by the time of play. For the case of the AFL stats, the game is divided into four quarters. Each quarter is supposed to be played for twenty minutes. There is a break between the quarters that lasts for five minutes.