The demand for bamboo products has increased twofold due to various reasons. With an increasing number of people embracing sustainable products in the bid to protect the environment, it’s easy to see why affordable bamboo products are all the hype.

Since bamboo is strong and versatile, it has found a wide range of applications in flooring, cosmetics, construction, furniture, and so on. Besides, it’s a sustainable and fast-growing crop and this makes it an attractive option for many applications.

Here is a list of bamboo products for environmentally-conscious people:

Bamboo fabric and clothing

So many people have embraced bamboo as an alternative to cotton and other materials due to its superior properties. Designers are increasingly using bamboo to make clothing, curtains, bedding items, and other fabrics. Bamboo is highly absorbent; hence it wicks moisture away from the skin much faster than most fabrics. This makes it an ideal option for making clothing and bedding items. Besides, it boasts greater tensile strength, making it one of the most durable materials for fabrics and clothing. It’s also softer than cotton and hypoallergenic. That means bamboo fabrics and clothing can be worn by anyone without causing allergic reactions.

Bamboo music instruments

Bamboo woodwind instrument

Many cultures around the world use bamboo to make musical instruments such as guitar, marimbas, rainsticks, drum sticks, xylophones, violins, saxophones, and many more. The fact that bamboo is readily available and inexpensive makes it an excellent choice for making musical instruments.

Bamboo toilet paper

Bamboo is strong and soft; hence it makes a premier toilet paper material. Regarding how bamboo toilet paper is made, manufacturers turn bamboo plant into fibers and add a mixture that forms bamboo pulp. The pulp is soaked, pressed, and made into actual toilet paper. People who care about the environment prefer using bamboo toilet paper to prevent deforestation, reduce carbon emissions, and promote sustainability.

Bamboo floors

Modern apartment with bamboo flooring

These are arguably the most popular bamboo products. Flooring manufacturers have found bamboo to be a premier flooring material due to its natural look, durability, and sustainability. These floors are finding their way into many homes as more and more people look for an inexpensive choice compared to hardwood flooring. Another good thing about bamboo floors is that they suit any design scheme, regardless of the décor. There are several types of bamboo floors to choose from including solid strand, tongue and groove engineered, click-clock engineered, SPC rigid core engineered bamboo floors, and others.

Bamboo utensils

Bamboo is also used in making cutting boards, wooden spoons, spatulas, tongs, and reusable drinking bottles. Since bamboo is sturdier than plastic, utensils made from bamboo can last long.

Bamboo straws

Bamboo straws are replacing disposable plastic drinking straws at a rapid speed because they are chemical-free and 100% organic.

Bamboo skateboards

Bamboo skateboards have become common all over the world due to their eco-friendly nature. They are known for their unmatched strength, durability, and lightness. When compared to maple skateboards, bamboo skateboards are better in many ways, though they may be a bit pricey because many manufacturers have positioned them as luxury items and the demand for these bamboo products is increasing each day.

Bamboo computer accessories

Bamboo is also used to make accessories such as keyboard buttons, mouse, monitor frames, flash drive casing, Bluetooth speaker, headphones, and many more.

Generally, bamboo products have been praised for their durability, functionality, and environmental-friendliness. If you’re an eco-conscious person, it’s about time you introduce these products into your home. Shopping for bamboo products is also getting much easier with so many vendors offering high-quality items made from sustainably-harvested bamboo.