Adelaide might be the city of churches, but it is also known for its scorching hot summers!

The year might have gone slow at times with the different stages of lockdown and lockouts, but those long hot summer days are upon us already.

Whilst a lot of people automatically think about air conditioners when they think of summer, what many people don’t realise is the cooling effects and the potential for massive savings in energy costs by the right selection of curtains and blinds in Adelaide.

So if your looking to beat the heat this summer, now is the time to consider upgrading your current curtains and blinds in Adelaide.

Let’s have a look at various curtain and blind in Adelaide ideas that can save you on energy costs

We’ll start by having a look at blinds.


One of the more simple styles of product that can have an excellent cooling effect on a space for very little outlay.

Vertical covers are a cheap and effective way to cover large windows and can be adjusted to filter the amount of light they let into a room at different stages of the day.


Similar to verticals but they are made of light fabric panels sections that are great for blocking out light easily and effectively across a broad space. They are also a great low cost option.


Curtains and blinds Adelaide

These will look like a pleated product from the inside but are made of unique cellular tubes which holds trapped air within its honeycomb shape.

They are low cost and are easily installed and very eco-friendly on account of their insulation properties.

Due to their ability to both heat and cool they are a great option for bedrooms.


They are a much more visually appealing blind than traditional venetian.

They are easy to install and provide a flush finish across an entire window when in the down position and roll discreetly away in the retracted position.

They can be made in any colour and from a wide range of fabrics from light materials that filter sun through to heavy full insulated fabrics.

Now let’s have a look at curtains-


Also known as insulated curtains, these are some of the best type of coverage when seeking energy efficiency.

The top layer facing inward is made of a decorative fabric in a pleasing style to suit your home.

The middle layer is made of a foam or flannel product which works as the insulation component of the product.

Whilst it is the third backing layer that is facing the direct sunlight and can be lined with fabrics of varying density which can give you an almost complete total block-out of the sun’s rays.

These style of covers are a great idea for windows that receive full sun and whilst they are slightly more expensive on account of their density and layered design, they provide excellent energy efficiency for your home.

Blackout lining

These are the ultimate total blackout product made with a dense woven fabric that provides total blackout of all the suns light and rays.

These are great for bedrooms, especially nurseries and the cost benefit of paying slightly extra for this product is very mild when you consider the lifestyle improvements that they offer as well as their ability to cool your home on hot summer days.

These are just a small sample of curtains and blinds in Adelaide that are suitable for energy efficient homes that are looking to keep their cooling costs down over the summer.