I remember owning a Blackberry. Thumbing out my messages to my family and friends. This device was terrific when it became available on the market. It was awesome to send and receive email, and I did not need to be near to the office to do it. It worked from anywhere. The battery lasted a long time, and it was so much easier to use than my PC. The stripped-down software on the inside and scroll wheel on the outside made it so easy to use, that you can be cooking while scrolling at the same time. Showing my Blackberry to my friends, I was the envy of everyone, and everyone I knew also wanted what I had.

The Blackberry device changed a lot of things. You were no longer out of touch with your work even if you were out of the office. Research In Motion (RIM) an example of Canadian tech innovation, changed people from using regular cellphones to data-centric smartphones.

The RIM company spoke the language of business and reaped the reward for it. The Blackberry brand signified world-beating marketing and engineering excellence. It was a product for people in the academic field, local and regional leadership. RIM led the country into many partnerships and had a large employee count. It was a dominant market company, competitors, suppliers and other companies that was the same started their companies in the same area.

A collapse was pending because the company failed to develop its technology at a faster pace.  Other competitive companies like Apple and Google ran ahead with their newer technological inventions.  RIM leadership kept on believing that their BlackBerry product was the best on the market even though the iPhone came up with touch screens and more superior apps.

Blackberry fell from grace with a slight market share and difficulties it now must try and reinvent itself. Compared to Apple and Google it sells a few handheld devices. Some experts feel BlackBerry will never again compete on an enormous scale.

John Chen the company CEO mentioned that they might stop making hand-held devices entirely, merely because they are considering future projections to further their company in software, infrastructure and security.


This company has a fantastic legacy. We cannot look at the past downfall and think that they will not recover or make any other technological advances. RIM was instrumental in the growth of an innovative culture. The companies that started and expanded because of this company owes it due diligence for their successes. BlackBerry was previously having an avalanche of innovative technology that keeps on growing to this day. There are more amazing things going to happen, and we are now waiting for the next chapter.