When you need some ideas published it is vital that you choose Carbon8, one of the print shops that is right for you. Finding the right one however can be a long and tedious task especially for those who are already on a time crunch. Just because you are racing against the clock doesn’t mean you should completely neglect your decision-making process. Choosing the wrong print shop could lead to some pretty big mess ups down the road.

If you don’t’ address this process with a strategy plan in mind, you may get stuck along the way and throw in the towel going with the first business that you see. To help you out we have come up with a short guide that gives you that attack plan when finding a print shop that is right for you.

Get talking

The first step in your game plan should be to ask around for recommendations. If you are in the working world there would be a tonne of other services that have used similar businesses before. Ask them who they normally go with and if they would recommend them. While some firms may keep their print shop a secret, others will be more than happy to help out.

set of printers

Recommendations are like a better version of a review as you get to ask follow up questions. If someone does recommend a particular place you should be asking them why and what their experience was like. This is also a great opportunity to ask about any potential concerns that you may have with the process.

Surfing, scrolling and reading

While recommendations are a great starting point for your search, you also need to hit up the internet and do your own research. This involves going through the websites of each provider to see if they have the services and experience that you are after. Websites are great in modern business as they essentially are your digital first impression. If you are looking through print shop websites and find one that looks like it’s straight from the 90’s you should probably stay away from them.

If brands don’t put resources into making their website look nice they aren’t operating at the level that you need. You should also check out the social media channels of these firms as this is the platform where people will voice their true feelings. People out there do lie so take the negative reviews with a grain of salt. Be sure to see how the print shops themselves actually reply to these comments as this may be the way you will be spoken to.

Have a chat

Once you have a decent list of potential candidates, your next step should be to have a chat with them and ask some questions. Time to speak with these brands rather than reading about them on a screen will help clear up any misconceptions or concerns that you may have. Additionally when you are either having a chat with them over the phone or in person you should ask to see a portfolio of their past work.

Not only will this give you a list of clients that they have worked with in the past, you also get to see the quality of their work. Compare it to what you had in mind and you will be able to start crossing people off your potential list.

At the end of the day the selection process is your business so how you come to your conclusion for a print shop is up to you. These are just some steps that we think will make your process a lot easier.