In order to protect the health of your teeth and gums, it’s important to find a dental practitioner you trust. Taking the time to find a good dentist in Lilydale and ensuring that you keep regular appointments with them will help you to ensure that your oral hygiene stays in good order. Missing out on regular check-ups with your dentist in Lilydale could mean that any health issues might be missed. It’s often the case that oral health issues worsen over time if they are not caught early, so visiting your dentist every six months or so is a must. If you’re serious about finding a new dentist in Lilydale, make sure you’re comfortable with visiting them long-term. It’s impossible to get the same level of “continuity of care” from a dental practitioner who doesn’t know your health history.

It’s easy to look for dentists online but there are other ways to track one down.  The power of word-of-mouth advertising cannot be understated. Ask your friends and family members who are satisfied with their dentist in Lilydale for a referral or if you’re just moving to town, speak with your current oral hygienist and ask for a referral.

If you’re trying to find a new provider, here are a few things to look for:

Opening hours

Are you in need of a dentist who is available after regular business hours or someone who can provide after-hours care? Different dentists will offer different levels of service and opening hours. It will make life much easier if your dentist is open at a convenient time for you.

Is it accessible?

If you’re planning to drive to your dentist in Lilydale, you’ll want to check that there is parking available. If you don’t have a car, you may want to look into public transportation options in the area. Being able to get easily to and from your dentist’s office is an important consideration.

You may also want to consider if it’s accessible to those with disabilities, as this could create unnecessary headaches for you when you arrive for your appointment.

What are their certifications?

Dentist Lilydale

Dentistry is a highly specialised field and some dentists specialise in different areas of oral health. If you have a specific concern, you should make sure your dentist is knowledgeable in that area and ensure that their dental practise is properly accredited.

Is it clean and welcoming?

It’s important that your dentist offers a good, clean environment. Their office should feel like a comfortable, welcoming space to spend time in, as this will help to lessen any anxiety you might feel about attending your appointment. You’ll also want to assess what kind of rapport exists between your dentist and the rest of the staff, as well as clients. It’s important that everyone feels they are treated respectfully in any healthcare setting.


Before deciding on which dentist, you should choose, you’ll want to get to know their pricing structure and whether or not your insurance is accepted.

Treatment options

Make sure any questions you have about your treatment options are thoroughly answered ahead of time. You should have any alternative and risks explained to you and you should be aware of any costs involved in the procedure. Your dentist in Lilydale should also explain what they are doing throughout the appointment to help put you at ease and make you feel comfortable. It’s very important that your dental hygienist talks openly with you about any issues and whether or not there are any improvements you should be making in your routine.