When renovating a bedroom, one aspect that may not seem all that important, but can actually have a rather significant impact on your overall design, is your wardrobe sliding doors. Built-ins tend to cover an entire wall of your room so the way that they look can change the whole mood of your space. Today we’re looking at the top five factors to consider when buying wardrobe sliding doors and how to make the right choice for your room.

Your Budget

The first thing you’re going to need to consider is what portion of your budget can be allocated to your wardrobe sliding doors. The price of these fittings can vary greatly depending on the style that you select so it’s important to have a good idea of what you can spend before you go choosing a design to avoid disappointment. If your budget is strict and wiggle room is minimal, we suggest setting a pricing filter when shopping so you don’t come across something that you absolutely love but is entirely out of your price range.

Internal Fittings

Consider wardrobe sliding doors

While what’s inside your built-ins may not seem all that important when selecting your wardrobe sliding doors, it’s actually quite important from a functionality point of view. If you have drawers that need space to open, for example, you’ll need to ensure that the joins in your wardrobe sliding doors actually allow for this to happen.

Fixed Or Mobile

The next thing you’re going to want to consider is whether you want any of your wardrobe sliding doors to be fixed or if you would like them to all be mobile. Fixed panels are generally used on an outer edge and can be more ornate than other panels as it doesn’t need to move. You could also consider a set up where your other wardrobe sliding doors pigeon hole behind the fixed one allowing you to use the open space for holding a television or displaying collectibles.

Mirrored Or Not

Mirrored wardrobe sliding doors have long been a popular design feature in luxury interiors as they allow you to keep a space minimalistic while still having access to a full length mirror. Some even choose to have all panels of their wardrobe sliding doors mirrored if they use the space as a workout area or simply want to be able to view themselves from multiple angles. A mirrored panel could even be used to boost the lighting within an area depending on where your built-ins are in relation to your light sources so it’s definitely something to consider.

Your Overall Design

Finally, it’s time to work out the more intricate details and link everything together with your overall design. Years ago, wardrobe sliding doors were simply boring white panels that may or may not have had a mirror included on one section. These days, they’re available in many colours and finishes, both mirrored and not mirrored and selecting the perfect wardrobe sliding doors for the vibe you want your room to convey should be fairly simple. Play with colours, textures, accents and materials until you’re content with how the room will look. Remember, while you can always paint your wardrobe sliding doors if you switch up your colour scheme, changing the set up and material is a far more costly and time consuming process so you’ll want to be sure that you’ve selected a design that fits both your current, and future, style.

Now that you’re armed with our top five things to consider when buying wardrobe sliding doors, the process should be quite simple – happy designing!