As weather patterns change in various parts of the world, maintaining your natural grass lawn becomes challenging. For one, you spend too much time and money on watering the lawn and mowing it. You are not the only one experiencing these challenges, as many people report how tiring it is to worry about your lawn.

That said, several people have resorted to fake grass Sydney to help minimize these challenges. Most environmentally conscious individuals are turning to the artificial lawn to minimize water use and reduce pollution and carbon footprint. Read on as we discuss fake grass in Sydney in detail.

What is Fake Grass Sydney?

As the name suggests, fake grass is a synthetic fiber surface that mimics natural grass. At a glance, you will mistake it for real grass because it is characterized by the same green color. However, artificial grass presents a deep color intensity with a glossy finish that makes the lawn or sports arenas have a magnificent appearance.

Fake grass Sydney comes with various terminologies that mean the same thing. The terms used to describe fake grass include;

  • Artificial turf
  • Synthetic turf
  • Unreal grass
  • Synthetic grass
  • Standing AstroTurf
  • Artificial lawn

Many Sydney residents prefer synthetic turf to real grass for the reasons discussed in the section below.

Benefits of using fake grass

Fake grass Sydney

·         Durability

Installing fake grass Sydney is not an easy decision. Many factors come into play when installing the grass. However, the transition has proven to be quite advantageous when it comes to longevity. The manufacturers of synthetic grass ensure to include a long-lasting formula for making their products. These include using top-notch expertise and the best materials to ensure longevity for artificial turf.

The recent technological advancement has seen the manufacturers produce artificial turf that lasts up to 25 years. It inhibits rodent digging and is resistant to both stain and fading. The edges remain crisp for years on end without fraying. This quality makes artificial grass a better option compared to natural grass.

·         Low maintenance

Investing in artificial grass is the best way to save time and money. Since the grass is synthetic, it doesn’t require watering, fertilizer, mowing, or weeding. The mentioned factors contribute to the high cost of maintaining natural grass. What’s more, you spend too much time performing these tasks. However, you are guaranteed low maintenance with fake grass Sydney throughout the years.

When the synthetic turf gets dirty, sweeping and vacuuming are recommended. However, this only happens on occasion, particularly when there is increased traffic on the grass. You can kiss using a lawnmower and watering cans/hoses goodbye. Oftentimes, your lawnmower dies when you are in the middle of mowing. That alone can cause frustrations since you have to repair it to finish mowing. Going the artificial way will save you all the trouble and you will have time for other things rather than lawn maintenance.

·         Environmentally Friendly

Many agents from fertilizers and pesticides are used in the maintenance of natural grass. These agents are purported to aid the growth of grass. However, they cause more harm than good to the soil underneath.

Using a gas-powered lawnmower can potentially transmit harmful substances into the soil. This pollutes the soil, thus harming the environment. Switching to fake grass is the best thing to save the environment.


Countless advantages come with using fake grass Sydney. The article outlines the ones with the most impact on people. Artificial turf is used in various areas to ensure a greener and more beautiful fields. If you want to enjoy your lawn for longer with low maintenance, investing in the best synthetic turf is the best way to start.