How do owners approach dog boarding in Sydney with confidence? Given the range of options, it can be easy to think that there is a much of a muchness and any outlet will do. With this being said, there are some key distinctions that outline whether or not the dog will have a good time and be given the best of care and attention.

Try & Keep The Kennel as Local as Possible

Extensively long car rides to dog boarding in Sydney is not always advisable. Unless the dog is happy and comfortable residing in the car for a lengthy period of time, it is beneficial to find a location that is relatively close to home. This will help with the drop off and pick up times. That is not a luxury that is afforded to everyone, but if there are community members in the city who have options in their area, it is worthwhile keeping the travel distance minimal for the sake of the animal to reduce their stress.

Assess Community Ratings & Reviews

One of the most effective methods that will be in play for local members regarding dog boarding in Sydney will be the feedback of other people in the community. This will apply to families across the CBD, Inner West, Eastern Suburbs, Northern Beaches, Hills District, Far West and South-West. Pay attention to what is said through online channels, reading comments left by users on social media channels, dog apps, shared economy apps and search engine results pages. The same principles apply for personal referrals and recommendations delivered by friends and family, checking if they are satisfied with the service and if they would take their pet back again.

Avoid Kennels That Have Too Many Rules & Regulations

Dog boarding Sydney

For the sake of insurance and health and safety, dog boarding in Sydney will come with some strict stipulations around vaccinations, sleeping, feeding and overall interaction. However, if the outlet continues to place a range of strict provisions with condition after condition listed, then it really won’t be worth the time and hassle for new members to get involved. While a professional service has to be diligent about how they operate, it is also important not to be put through too many hoops.

Reflect on Provider Supervision & Attention

No one wants their pet to be left lonely at dog boarding in Sydney, just to be put into a cage or facility and left to their own devices for days and weeks on end. Attention and supervision is necessary, so it is recommended that families look into the environment and see what kind of resources the program affords. If it is a friendly location where similar breeds are given time to play and enjoy their time, that will be a major selling point. In the best case scenarios, they won’t want to leave!

Flexibility With Dog Requirements

No two pets are the same. Some love round-the-clock attention and care while others will be happy to be left to their own devices. Then there are unique health demands with tablets, creams and customised food selections for dietary needs. If dog boarding in Sydney can be flexible for the client and ensure that they can adapt to the needs of the dog, that will be a major selling point for constituents who are concerned about shifting away from a routine that works.


Navigating dog boarding in Sydney is never an easy process for pet owners that are new to the process. Especially with a concern around their dog’s welfare and how they will handle the separation, it is worthwhile doing some research to have peace of mind on the subject.