Ah, 2018… The year of the vlogging camera, or one of them anyway.

If you’re not familiar with the word vlogging, it’s a video blog, which means a documented video, which is personalised by an individual, commonly known as a YouTuber, who posts his/her ‘vlogs’ on YouTube.

Now, these vlogs are usually posted on a YouTuber’s personal YouTube channel, which is followed by those who enjoy the videos, or vlogs, created by the YouTuber. Some YouTubers create incredibly high-quality content, and sometimes even professionals jump in to create the best-quality video footage.

Since vlogging has become so popular, and even popular amongst celebrities, TV personalities, comedians, artists, fitness trainers, and pretty much every profession you could think of, the tech market has taken immense notice and provided accordingly.

Let’s be real; there comes a point, when using your phone for a film, doesn’t work. Especially if you’ve got a lot of subscribers, which gives the entire quality aspect of YouTube extremely important.


Some people even use drones to film footage from the sky or make use of the services of professional video editors to create the very best content. As a staple, there is a very high demand for top-quality cameras.

Essential Camera Effects for Vlogging

It’s not good enough to have any camera anymore, as a video blogger, you’ll need to consider the following features:

  • Action cameras – To be able to capture any big, as well as the smallest or fastest movement, in detail on your camera.
  • DSLR Camera – This type of camera is generally the best type for versatility and allows you to capture both high-quality pictures and videos.
  • Cameras with Interchangeable Lenses – For a more advanced vlogger.

Take Your Pick

# 3 SONY a6500

The SONY Alpha a6500 is considerably one of the best digital cameras available on the market. At only $1,500, it’s a great quality camera, at a high, yet reasonable price.

It has a 24.2-megapixel camera, as well as a resolution of 6K. It can shoot video footage at an impressive 4K, which will allow you a full half an hour of recording time. The camera can also track objects at eight fps.

# 2 Canon 70D

As one of the most professional vlogging cameras on the market, at just $1,000, the Canon 70D is extremely popular amongst YouTubers all around the world.

Its popularity is owed to its fantastic autofocus feature, which is something most DSLR cameras don’t have.

It furthermore has an impressive range of specs, which includes a 20 MP-APS CMOS Sensor, a DIGIC 5+, a 19-point cross AF system, a 3” LCD touch panel and a dual pixel CMOS AF for better focus in live view.

#1 SONY a7R11

On the bit more expensive side, SONY offers a camera that is best for those who are serious about vlogging as a career. This amazing camera has an astounding 42.4-megapixel camera sensor, creating incredible clear pictures.

The camera also has an excellent 4K resolution, a 35mm format and has a 399-points detection mode, which allows for the best focus you could ask for. This vlogging camera costs a total of $3,000.