Everyone in Sydney knows that when you are after a pure al dente experience in Sydney’s own little Italy, you will go to find the quintessential Leichhardt Italian restaurant lurking amongst the revelry and ambiance of the inner west. There are many options in the inner west, but there is something inherently decadent about a Friday night at a Leichhardt Italian restaurant, something that has its foundations deep in the streets themselves.

Today we will explore a few of the uniquely decisive assets that make a Leichhardt Italian restaurant, the most authentically European spot in the inner west.

1.   It’s On Norton Street

 If you’re looking for a truly European meal at a Leichhardt Italian restaurant, chances are you’re waltzing down Norton Street. The street is notorious for its international cuisine and array of pizza and pasta options for any night of the week.

The street has deep roots in the local community, being a haven for rustic and authentic options for generations, the forum on one end of the street was built to resemble the piazzas of coastal Italy. Almost every second establishment is a Leichhardt Italian restaurant, each one with its own particular roots in the history of the street. It is the heartstring of the inner wests little Italy, still beating strongly with red, white, and green.

2.   The Tastes Of Al Fresco

Leichhardt Italian Restaurant

 Chances are, you are at an authentic Leichhardt Italian restaurant if you’re sitting amongst the fresh air and clear skies of the day or night. It is a tradition of the inner west cuisine to have the option that brings out the faithfulness to the land it represents and is the suburb that first brought al fresco to Australia, it’s a necessity for any Leichhardt Italian restaurant to have the option.

Having a menu that represents the homeland does not hurt either, the ambiance is important, but the menu has to be indicative of the origins it represents. Alfresco is only as good as the ‘Aperitivo’ and antipasti that comes along with it. A true Leichhardt Italian restaurant will take you further away from the constraints of the inner west and into the bustling coastal winds of the Mediterranean coast. 

3.   Roots in the community

The inner west is one of the few places still bustling with locals determined to keep the place alive by supporting each other. Any true Leichhardt Italian restaurant will keep this tradition in any number of ways. The notable ones will be involved in community projects that keep the international tradition alive, for instance, the yearly fiesta which brings together many numbers establishments to celebrate the culture that the suburb is known for. You will see stands and pop-ups all over the suburb, chances are, at least one or two of them are run or sponsored by a Leichhardt Italian restaurant. This goes to show authenticity and support for the locals and to keep the spirit and tradition of the suburb alive. After all, the local community is where the establishments live or die at the end of it all.  

There you have it, while there are many imitators across the city and the country, there really is no substitute for original little Italy in Sydney’s inner west, the hustle and bustle of Norton street and the surrounding little avenues and piazzas are the inherent heart of the culture still beating in Australia today. Take these tidbits the next time you visit and if you tick all three boxes, you may have found a true and noble Leichhardt Italian restaurant.