Although we don’t often think of chemists as primary healthcare providers, they can actually be far more than simply somewhere to fill our scripts, especially if your chosen location is a compounding pharmacy melbourne. In this article we’ll be looking at how they can assist you in improving your overall health outcomes in some ways that you may not expect:

What Is A Compounding Pharmacy Melbourne?

Before we jump into how a compounding pharmacy melbourne can help improve your health outcomes, we wanted to touch briefly on what they actually are so we’re all on the same page. Essentially, a compounding pharmacy melbourne is a chemist where you can source medication that has been tailored to your specific needs. This is not the exclusive purpose of the chemist, however, and you will still be able to access other services such as standard prescription medication, over the counter medication and other retail items often sold at chemists.

How Can A Compounding Pharmacy Melbourne Help Improve Your Health?

Compounding pharmacy Melbourne

Provide Personalised Care

This may sound odd but the best way that a compounding pharmacy melbourne can help improve your health isn’t even technically centred around your medication. This is because you’ll receive far more personalised care than you would at a large chain chemist, which leads to better health outcomes. Because staff at your preferred compounding pharmacy Melbourne will seek to learn more about you in order to ensure that you get the best treatment possible, the ways that they can help go far beyond simply mixing up a specific medicine to suit your needs. For example, you’ll often find that even over the counter medicine dispensed from a compounding pharmacy melbourne will come with personalised advice and because the medication that they are mixing for you is exactly that – for you – you’ll also find it more effective.

Make Your Medication Easier To Take

Speaking of the medicine that your preferred compounding pharmacy Melbourne will craft for you, it is important to note that this personalised mix will be beneficial to your health in far more ways than simply being easier to take. While this is, of course, the main reason most people will seek specialised services, it’s actually pretty low on the list of most important ways custom medicine can help improve your health. For example, personalised medication is often prescribed in order to avoid causing an allergic reaction in those who require a certain drug but cannot take the standard version due to having a predisposition to reacting to one or more ingredients. You may also be prescribed customised medication if you require something that may interact negatively with other drugs that you are taking or you may even find that certain medications that you require can be combined to help reduce the amount that you need to take each day.

Create A Custom Wellness Plan

Finally, in many cases, your preferred compounding pharmacy melbourne will also be able to create you a custom wellness plan if desired. This is a wonderful service that is very rarely available in larger chain chemists as they simply don’t have the time or resources to provide highly personalised care for each and every customer who comes through their doors. Because this is the entire purpose of a specialist service, however, you should be able to access additional assistance from your chemist. This will generally include things such as recommendations to local practitioners who can help improve your health outcomes and recommendations for vitamins and other over the counter supplementary products, however some chemists may choose to become even more involved in your care.

Now you know the top three ways a compounding pharmacy melbourne can help improve your health, here’s to a healthier 2022!