Nothing gets your foot in the working world door faster than a HR internship. Work experience is vital for jobs nowadays as there are so many graduates that having some extra oomph to your resume really helps you stand out. You would have been told by your friends, family and even university professors that these roles are extremely beneficial in helping you gain a permanent role. However due to how competitive they are it can be a real struggle for some people to actually get one and from such can really hinder your future.

If you have been in this situation yourself you would know firsthand how frustrating it can be. To help you out we have a couple of handy tips up our sleeve that can help you find those HR internships that you have been trying so hard to get.


Starting early is crucial

One of the most common mistakes a new human resources graduate can make is that they start looking for a HR internship after they have graduated. This really hinders your future career as it can take months to find yourself a role like this. That’s months of not being in the working industry at all or being in a job that isn’t using your degree. To give yourself the best chance of landing a role like this you should ideally be looking for a HR internship in the last year and/or semester of your studies. This will give you enough time to prepare, apply like crazy and then graduate either going into a role or with some experience under your belt.

You should also be applying to as many places as possible to increase your chances. You may have one particular firm in mind that you really want to work at but you need to have contingency plans in case that falls through.


Where you should be looking

If you do have a firm in mind that you have your heart set on, the ideal situation would be that you apply for a HR internship and that then turns into a permanent position later on. As we mentioned before you should be applying to many different places that are similarly aligned with your end point. Some helpful places in which you should be looking are;

  • Major Companies
  • Local Businesses
  • Government Operations
  • Not for profit institutes

Many universities also assist in helping their graduates land a role so be sure to use those channels effectively. Some institutes even have joint venture programs in which they have ties with a certain company that allows them to stream line the whole process and pick out students that area eager to get some experience.


Polish your practices

Refining who you are as an individual and presenting your best self forward will also assist you in landing the role that you are after. First impressions mean a lot in the working world so making sure you are prepared for everything that they throw at you is very important. Below are some avenues in which you should consider refining.


Prepare for your interviews

Something very important in which you should be doing is preparing for your interviews. That means coming up with answers to common questions and practicing how you deliver them. Confidence is key in these situations and interviewers can tell when someone has prepared and someone is winging it.


Getting out and talking with professionals in the industry you want to get into is a great way to land a HR internship. Social events, job fairs , career expos and LinkedIn are all things you should be aware of and attending.