The best PR companies in Sydney specialize in building brand awareness and trust by creating and managing a brand’s publicity, getting their name and message into the media spotlight. But what methods do they use to achieve this? Here are the top eight:


Strategic planning

Having a solid strategic plan is crucial for a brand to achieve its objectives and the best possible results. A strategic plan helps brands stay organised and make the best decisions about how to communicate and connect with their audience.

This involves outlining the brand’s goals (making sure they’re SMART goals), determining the target audience, and figuring out the brand’s core messages. Specific public relations tactics will then be decided upon and deadlines will be set to ensure each tactic is finished in a good amount of time.


Events and product launches

Product launches and other brand openings and events are a great opportunity to showcase a brand, make an impression and be introduced to the public eye. PR companies in Sydney may use a combination of methods to build brand awareness at events. They may attend events (e.g. industry events) to network and promote a brand. They may speak at events in order to boost a brand’s image, or host an event (such as a workshop or seminar) in order to meet new clients and establish a relationship with them.



PR companies in Sydney often use photography to share a brand’s message with media outlets. In a visual era dominated by short attention spans and a love of the image, quality photos can make a strong impression on both journalists and a brand’s audience. Agencies are careful to select photos which are the most appropriate for the brand they are representing.


Social media communications

Building a relationship with the public through social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is a relatively new public relations tactic, but one that has proven to be capable of delivering incredible results. Social media communications have the benefit of fostering an open dialogue between a brand and its audience. It is capable of creating a deeper and more credible relationship between the two. It also helps boost brand image, likeability and authority.


Search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a form of digital marketing that involves improving a brand’s website visibility on search engine results pages. SEO makes it easier for clients to find brands and services, and for brands to target desired audiences. PR companies in Sydney often work with SEO to boost a brand’s public outreach.


Media relations

Media relations is an element of public relations that deals with the relationship between journalists and PR companies in Sydney. Public relations staff share a brand’s messages with journalists in order to get the brand featured in the media. They often have a list of media contacts that they can go to and request media coverage for a brand.


Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing involves attracting and engaging audiences through a variety of means, such as advertisements, SEO, blogging, social media, content production, email marketing and conversational bots. It’s great at creating and building relationships built on trust.


Celebrity seeding

PR companies in Sydney may use celebrity endorsements as a means to raising a brand’s public image and awareness. This typically involves sending a celebrity a free product (or paying them) in exchange for them promoting the product. This may take the form of a video advertisement, Instagram post or magazine advertisement.



PR companies in Sydney use a range of tactics to boost a brand’s awareness, image and credibility via the media.