Interruptions are always annoying. Interruptions at work are annoying as well as counter-productive. At best, workplace interruptions will slow down your productivity and at worst could potentially ruin an important phone call with a client or prospect.

If only there was an easy way to subtly inform co-workers about your availability, including when you’re in a call, so that you minimise or even eliminate interruptions. Well, now there is; the busy light.

A busy light in an office is a productivity solution that is simple in principle but incredibly significant in the effect it has on office productivity and performance. They are becoming more and more popular in today’s offices, especially in sales departments where being interrupted while on the phone can have a direct negative financial impact for the company.

You might be wondering; what are busy lights and why would I need one? Let’s take a closer look at this simple yet profoundly impactful workplace productivity solution.


What is a busy light?

A busy light is a simple LED indicator that emits a coloured light that informs others in the office of your availability. Think of it like a traffic light for people coming up and speaking to you; green means go and red means stop.

The utility of this device isn’t just limited to two stances as it can be incredibly nuanced in the types of alerts it gives out. For example, you could have a special colour code for when you’re busy writing emails which would indicate to someone that you CAN be interrupted if what they need to tell you is really urgent.


How effective are they?

The effectiveness of a busy light is really only limited by the dynamics of your office space. If you job mainly involves making and receive calls then having a unit synched up with your skype for business account allows you to seamlessly and confidently perform your job without fear of disastrous interruptions.

The system can also be hooked up to traditional landline systems and headsets. This is particularly useful in sales departments where everyone is constantly wearing their headset and it can be hard to determine visually if they are listening to a call or not.



Is it right for my office?

While this type of device is going to be a great productivity solution in any office environment it’s used in, there are some circumstances that will benefit more than others. As mentioned earlier, a call centre or sales department can be undone by routine interruptions and therefore this kind of LED indicator would go a long way in enhancing productivity.

It can also be incredibly useful for busy managers who may want a way to discourage employees from interrupting them with constant questions. Balancing the need to supervise your employees and get on with your own work can be tough and a LED indicator system could be the simple yet effective solution you desperately need.

It’s also just a nice thing to have in your office if you want to maximize your own productivity. Turning on your indicator means that you’re telling everyone “I’m working hard right now” and would discourage you from looking at your phone or getting distracted in some other way.

Having your busy light switched on and not actually being occupied with anything would be a major embarrassment and undermine your authority if you were a manager. In this way, this technology keeps everyone on their toes in a subtle but important way.


What are some of the other benefits?

Some of the other benefits of busy lights are a little more tangential but still worth talking about if you’re on the fence about investing in them.  The most prominent of these benefits is the way in which the increase in productivity will snowball and make workers feel more content with their role and will strive to do even better.

Interruptions can make people feel like they didn’t get as much accomplished at the end of the day and that they are working in an unprofessional environment. This is really disruptive to employee morale because over time they will become more and more disillusioned with their job as they feel as though they aren’t really getting anything done.

As a manager, this is obviously a big problem that needs to be addressed in order to keep your employees happy and working as productively as possible. A busy light system might be the perfect answer needed to create a culture of productivity in the workplace while still having a practical utility to justify it.

As you can see, there are a lot of great reasons to invest in a busy light in your office. Overall, the system is an ideal way to improve productivity in the workplace and ultimately make everyone feel more accomplished at the end of the day.