LED mirrors are products fitted with light-emitting diodes. These light-emitting diodes are small light bulbs fitted into an electrical circuit. Apart from the LED bulbs, some products come with additional features like demister pads, Bluetooth speakers and touch sensors. Nowadays, these products are one of the most desirable mirrors for bathrooms, bedrooms, offices, boutiques or poorly lit places. This is because they give off a subtle and sufficient light that creates a soft glow and a relaxing ambience.

By using an LED mirror, you get clearer vision while applying make-up, shaving, or simply checking out yourself. So, it’s basically serving the purpose of a grooming aid and being aesthetically pleasing. Although this type of product requires electricity, one advantage they have is that the LED bulbs do not consume nearly as much electricity as other fluorescent bulbs do. With over 50,000 hours of power, these products can last long-term as long as they are properly maintained.

With an array of designs, shapes, sizes and quality, it can be a bit overwhelming to make a choice of a product. Below are some tips to help guide you when buying one.

Top tips for choosing the best LED mirror

 The mirror design and sizes

Even for other types of mirrors, size is a factor that cannot be overlooked. It is important to choose a product with the right style and size. For example, try going for a product that matches the color of the floor tiles or the wall. Also take into consideration the size of the space where you are going to install the piece. You can try measuring the dimensions of the wall before you start shopping.

The glass quality

LED mirror

When you compare the glass quality of LED mirrors with traditional products, you will most definitely notice a difference. These products are generally made with top-quality panels for better reflection quality. Also, be on the lookout for the magnification strength of the LED mirror as they tend to differ.

The feature set of the product

LED mirrors offer features that go beyond just better lighting. They also offer functions like; fog-resistant technology, touch screen dimming and magnification and Bluetooth speakers. Some of them are even designed with cabinets, so you get that extra storage space.

The light source for the product

This is one vital aspect to consider when choosing your products, especially if you are buying one for your bathroom. Try going for products that project a well-balanced illumination. As you browse through your options, be on the lookout for products with SAA-approved quality as they tend to display more natural colors and are more desirable.


It’s no doubt that LED mirrors boast technology far more efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs and are the go-to choice for modern-day home interior decoration. With their easy customizability, these highly functional and aesthetic mirrors allow for better comfort in your bedrooms, bathrooms, offices and powder rooms. However, when you shop for one, ensure that you properly browse through their features. Compare online ratings and reviews for each type before you make your choice.