Managing a team requires patience and lots of ideas fostered to achieve and appreciate teamwork and collaboration. It is the manager’s job to maintain team members in the same group either by force or through exciting team building events.

As we were growing up, playing with others, sharing, and working together were the primary roles. This ensured that we celebrated small and big wins that we accomplished together. Likewise, managers can take a leaf from an early age and ensure the members work together to deliver the utmost productivity for the organization.

As a result, it is ideal to invigorate the team and other departments in the organization to bring them together as a whole. Team building is a proven way that can aid in achieving this. With that said, team building events can range from office activities to day courses conducted by professionals in the field. In the end, the main goal is to unite employees through the bonding sessions.

What to do during team building events

Employees involved in team building event

There are plenty of activities that you can perform as a group to bring out teamwork and collaboration. For starters, you can begin with bonding and communication skills. Here, you let the employees in on team building exercises that work to fortify the amity and communication among the members. You can have them participate in the following exercises.

Scavenger Hunting

This is an exercise that involves movement and collaboration. Oftentimes, it requires large spaces for it to be successful. Here, objects are hidden whereby the employees work together to find them. The team that finds the most items wins.

Blind retrieving

The goal here is to guide a blindfolded person to finding a hidden object. This way, the employees collaborate even under pressure and follow instructions to achieve their goals.

Office trivia

Organize office trivia to find out how well your workers understand random facts, inside jokes, and the history of the company. The team that gets the most correct answers wins and sometimes gets a prize.


Make different teams and have them sort each other by age, height, the period in the company, and the states they’ve been to. The team that quickly finishes this wins.

Business simulation

This is exactly as it says, simulating a business task and letting the employees crack it. Here, you come up with an imaginary business project and set the instructions, goals, and deadline. The first group to solve it wins.

Other games and exercises for perfect team building events include escape rooms, office debates, board games, block building, cultural events, and celebrations. For problem-solving activities, you can involve the egg drop game and barter puzzle.

For the team building events to be more successful, you can try activities that aid in promoting creative thinking and innovation. Normally, getting your employees to be more creative at work is usually challenging. Luckily, some exercises improve this.

Name game

This is where employees interact and come up with creative ways to get the answers. Here, the employees jolt down known celebrities and stick them to their foreheads. The participants ask conventional questions about who they are. The first one to get the name on their forehead right wins. Other exercises that improve creativity include office Pictionary, the dinner party game, the battle amongst designers, workshop ideas, and more.

To break the ice among the employees, you can take them out to lunch, play the no-smiling game, engage in kart racing, and arrange a karaoke night, among others.

Any organization needs to have team building events that aim to strengthen employee relationships for increased productivity. These events foster friendship among workers hence improving engagements. Team building also boosts communication skills to augment success. What’s more, the events help to create and recognize leadership skills. If you want to reinforce the company’s core values and bring the employees together, conducting team building events is worth it.